The Greatest Nu Metal Songs Of All Time

5.  Soil- Unreal

This is a track that screams nu metal, everything from the aggression, the guitar progressions, heavy riffs, and the vocals. Soil Released this song on the album Scars on 9/11/2001 perfect time for some rage right? The album featured some of their best tracks ever recorded like Halo,  Breaking Me Down and of course Unreal.


4.  Dry Cell – Sorry

Sorry was released on their album Disconnect, their big “hit came from Bodies Crumble which was featured on Madden 2003. The band sounds similar to Linkin Park, and the track was often mislabeled as being performed by Linkin Park. Sorry is and was one of my favorites off this album, They had a few other tracks that are worth listening to, but I think this one didn’t get the recognition it deserved. The track contains excellent blends of acoustic, heavy riffs, screams and of course cleans.

3. The Blank Theory – Recluse

The Blank Theory had a short run, but they made some phenomenal tracks.  Recluse was on their album Beyond the Calm of the Corridor, which had tracks like Addicted, Corporation,  and Hey Bulldog on it. (Just to name a few).  The band never really took off like a lot of other bands in the Nu Metal genre. Recluse had phenomenal vocals, lyrics and just heavy enough to pack a punch.

2. Scare of Life-  Eyes Pried Open

Scars of Life gained a lot of popularity in their home town of Fort Lauderdale Florida, but never got “big” so to speak. They did however start gaining large fan base via the internet and thanks to Myspace.  They released Mute in 2001, then followed up with a demo release in 2002. They then played shows heavily and toured before releasing  What We Reflect in 2005. The band then later went on indefinite hiatus. After much pressure from online fans the band released ” A Heart Still Beats” in 2013.

1.  Switched – Anymore

Switched had a decent run Reigning from Cleveland Ohio they toured on OZZFEST where they got a lot of exposure. The band released “Fuckin Demo” in 2000  “Spread Your EP” in 2001 and would finally release a full length in 2002 called “Subject To Change” which was in my opinion their best release.  They would re-release Subject To Change in 2006″ and would record their final album (before splitting up) titled Ghost In the Machine also released in 2006. This band was one of my favorite Nu-Metal bands ever. They had it all the aggression, the cleans, screams, lyrics and heavy riffs!  They were one of those nu metal bands that could really pull off the catchy choruses. If you enjoy this band check out the other tracks because there all pretty awesome!

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