EMMURE look at yourself new album

EMMURE look at yourself new album.

after nine years of being signed to the label, Emmure would leave Victory in 2016 to sign with SharpTone Records, which is distributed through Nuclear Blast. The seventh album, titled Look at Yourself, released on March 3, 2017.

Emmure’s new release look at yourself is one of the best deathcore albums we have heard this year by far! If you are into bone crushing breakdowns, pure rage vocals, with a slight mix of nu metal clean vocals, then look at yourself is for you. The new album is one of our favorites, and it has a real good feel to it. The album has a new feel to it, rage and darkness mixed together with a rap feel.

tracks like “ice man confessions”, smokey, and shinjuku masterlord are some of our favorites off the album. The new album has a total of 13 tracks, that are overall all solid to jam. If you aren’t into breakdowns, then I wouldn’t jam, because that’s all you will find here.
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