TOP 8 metal songs of all time

Top 8 metal songs of all time, (no specific order)

Gorgoroth – Unchain My Heart.

This track is heavy, extreme brutal riffs, and an insane amount of emotion involved in it.

Lamb of God Black Label

Some of LOG’s earlier stuff, and probably one of their heaviest tracks of all time. Just take a look at the lyrics you won’t be disappointed.

Tool 46&2

I’m sure you never thought you would see TOOL and Gorgoroth in the same place, but we said why not, both are awesome.

Drowning Pool let the bodies hit the floor.

let the bodies hit the floor is a classic, and you can’t have a metal list without it.

Mudvayne internal primates forever.

Back when Mudvayne killed the hard rock game. The LD 50 album is one of hard rocks best.

Electric Wizard legalize drugs and Murder

This is a doom classic and one of my favorite doom tracks of all time.

Monolord We will burn.

Monolord we will burn is absolutely epic, everything from the vocals, to the wicked riffs. Monolord explains everything wrong in society.

Conan total conquest
another extremely heavy doom song. If this isn’t heavy, if this doesn’t get your blood going then I don’t know what will.

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