Vacant Image Before 12 Album Review

Vacant Image is a heavy alternative rock band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Vacant infusion has mastered the art of blending hard rock and metal, creating a stellar sound. Vacant Image is currently gearing up to release a 11 track onslaught of awesomeness, with their debut album “Before 12”, which will be released on February 25th 2017. Tracks like Mister Bell and Double negative remind me of the nu metal days, when bands mixed rock and hard rock. The vocals are phenomenal, Josh Vanek really shows his range and his ability to belt out the lyrics. The guitars complement the vocals very well and have a nice groove to them.

Tracks like Saving Sold souls reminds me of some classic Alice In Chains and Acid Bath. The guitars here have a really good sound and tone. The drums here help with the “groove” style of rock, and of course the vocals as usual are epic! At 3:00 the track really goes into that deep south hard rock sound, very “doom” metal like riffs. The instrumental break and drum solo before the vocals kick back in show Vacant Images true talent to create and build off something amazing.

Almost Nothingless is my favorite on the album. The track starts off real heavy, with hard hitting drums, and the vocals of course are awesome, Reminds me of Seven Marry Three a lot, which is a good thing. The track then calms down into a mild, softer rock sound, which really amplifies the vocals, and Josh Vanek’s talent for singing. The track then get’s into some heavy crunchy riffs, then going back into the calm calamity that we heard earlier. The song is like riding on a wave of emotions, filled with anger, nostalgia, and tribulation.

If you are into Alice In Chains, Seven Marry Three, Live, Deftones, or TOOL then you should definitely check out Vacant Image. You can listen to some of their earlier demo tracks here. Vacant Image has a lot of potential and talent. I look forward to see how far they go as a band in the coming years. I think their album “Before 12” is very promising and will bring great things in the future. Be sure to “like” their facebook here.

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