Black Habit EP Review

Black Habit is a a two-piece sludge/doom band birthed from the desolate and infernal realm of the Sonoran Desert. they hail from Tempe, Arizona. They just recently recorded a self-titled e.p. Which is pretty groovy to say the least. Their self titled album has five nice groove driven songs, that will leave you encompassed wanting to hear more. Escape into infinity is one of my favorites on the E.P. it starts off with a nice classical like sound, with violins and soft plucking guitar tones. The track then asunder’s into bleak chaotic doom. The lyrical content is dark in nature and fits perfect for the Midwest winter. I am very impressed with the songs build up which is heavy and hard hitting. It’s like being at a funeral, feeling bleak dark thoughts and then being caressed by rage. Travel across the ocean is my other favorite from this EP. The guitars and drums have a very nice groove, that will allow you to nod your head while chilling out. I must add that for maximum results it’s best to jam over a cold beer, and by a fire.

Below is the bandcamp link for the EP e.p.
Album Download link

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