Bands Similar To TOOL

A small list of bands similar to TOOL. If you have been looking for bands similar to TOOL, then these tracks are right up your alley!

Downface Purge, is an absolutely incredible track, the vocals are fire! The vocalist sounds very, and I mean, VERY similar to Tool’s Maynard James Kennan. The band as a whole is actually pretty solid all together. Nice guitars, heavy, and epic vocals.

Emptyself Liberated

This track is on the softer end, but it’s still has amazing vocals, and instrumentals.

Lunatic Soul-Gutter

Instruments are very calm and relaxing. The vocals are solid as well.

Mariusz Duda / Steven Wilson – The Old Peace

Another calm, cool, and relaxing track. More up the ally of King Crimson, but it fits in there with TOOL I think.

We hope you enjoyed our small list of Bands like TOOL. Stay tuned for more like bands. We have many more on the way!

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