Malammar – Vendetta (2016) Review

Amazing Doom

Malammar hailing from Spain released a heavy hitter titled Vendetta just this past year. The album is beyond epic if you love grim riffs, and crunchy riffs. The album has no vocals which is refreshing in my opinion, I like the band more as a instrumental, it adds to the vibe of the album. The album features six songs with no names to the songs just numbers. I’ll add that the 30 minutes of doom is probably one of my favorite albums I have heard in awhile. The recordings are bleak, and some what lo-fi but still enough to get your rocks off. My favorite part of the album is about ten minutes in til eleven minutes. The riffs are just punishing, it makes me feel like I’m on the front lines going into the crusades ready for battle.

If you like what you hear please support the band and the music. Without the support these bands don’t exist! Cheers.

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