Top Five UnderGround Doom Songs

Enjoy The Awesomeness

We Will Burn Mono Lord

Cloud Grim Reefer

Pentagram Be Forewarned

Witch Seer

Egypt Dirty Witch

Some epic doom metal songs that every doom fan should listen to, completing our top five underground doom songs, list we start with mono lord we will burn. This is one of my favorites by far! They have a wicked sound, great production, and amazing vocals. Cloud Grim Reefer is another one of my favorites, they absolutely slay on stage! Cloud destroys the guitar riff game, taking it to another level of awesomeness, no… this is ALL Madden Level, beyond what most other bands in any genre do, or can do for that matter. There’s no vocals and that is absolutely fine, because the riffs do it for me.

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