Space Invaders “Dreadnought” (Full Album) 2015 Psychedelic Space Rock

Space Invaders album “Dreadnought” is a very magical album, it’s calming, spacial, and heavy. The been hailing from Germany will take you on a psychedelic journey leaving you longing for more. The build ups created are alarming, and the extreme sounds of “space” will take you to mars and back, no million dollar ticket needed.
Country: Germany / Genres: Psychedelic Space Rock
1. The Gap You Leave Behind 00:00
2. Dungeons 10:44
3. Two Skulls 18:30

4. Hexensabber 31:18
5. Dreadnought 38:05
6. It’s Raining Bones 43:59
7. Jolly Roger High Speed Groove 53:39
8. Out In The Madness 56:59

Released 3rd August 2015

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