Fast & Furious 6 review and thoughts

     The movie was overall well done plenty of action but good god where is the blood!! The characters in the film do totally unrealistic super hero actions and don’t have any bruises, scratches, or even blood. I mean hell Klaus get’s his head smashed in with a shotgun butt by Hobbs and NOTHING happens. Come on at least show a little blood and make it realistic. There’s plenty of other scenes I could pick apart where there’s not even a scratch on the actors body. The best was when Letty Is in a huge fight with Mia and the two girls scrap it out like girls do NO mercy. Letty has a minor cut on her lip, but when she gets back to her head quarters the cut on her lip is gone and she looks like she just got home from the beauty parlor.. I mean come on.. I do understand why they didn’t make it realistic with blood and such, they wanted it to remain PG13 and not R. They really should have dashed that idea and gone to R because if they did make the film realistic it probably would have been an A- film instead of an C+.  For example Dom (Vin Diesel) jumps out of his car to save Letty and straight tackles her out of the sky and smashes the concrete…. NOT EVEN A SCRATCH! Both get up fine like nothing happened. Please without further ado give me immortality. These characters are doing absurd stunts and not a scratch! Immortality must be nice.

    I enjoyed the film, they blended the romance well with it (Letty and Dom) They make it seem more real without the Damsel in distress bullshit. Letty is a strong girl and criminal. She’s very good at what she does and so is Dom. They both complemented each other well. Though Letty suffered a concussion and doesn’t remember Dom, so Dom tries and explains her past life to her and does it well even beating her in her own game (the race). Throughout the whole movie she slowly falls into Dom’s grasps as he uses great rhetoric to get her to fall right in his lap.

    Han is part of the crew but doesn’t play that big of a role, He losses his girl and at the end after the credits his car blows up (assuming he dies as well) which leads into Fast and Furious 7.  One thing I picked up is the girls in the film are very man like. They take on manly roles but are still dependent as they have a team and “man” that they report to on both the good and bad side. There’s no sexual intimacy at all I believe all we see is a kiss on a chick from the cop police officer on Dom and that’s all we get. So much for “loving” each other lol.. For being “love partners” (married, girlfriends) They all just acted like friends.

   Another thing I picked up on was at the end When they captured the enemies (Shaw etc.) He has a plan in set which captures Brian’s wife and kid. I saw this one coming from the beginning because family makes you vulnerable and that was his weakness. Brian’s family also never played a major part in the movie besides when his wife and kid are shown in the beginning and then of course at the end. Dom and Hobbs could have easily of killed Shaw and the others without letting them go, (and still SAVE Brian’s wife) but, then they wouldn’t of had the epic battle scene at the end when the huge plane comes down and “lands” on the highway to pick them up.

    Overall the movie was decent very unrealistic but it wasn’t bad. The characterization was solid no complaints there though they could have more in-depth characterization, but i guess that’s it’s an action movie. Refrain from talking and keep punching! The other thing is all the girls were hot babes and the men were all shredded lol. typical masculine, blowing up, and eye candy movie. Watch it if you dare to spend 11$ on it or just stream it from home and watch for free.

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