American Psycho Review and Thoughts

      Where do I begin with this movie, there’s so much about it to analyze and can be broken down into several different theories. To begin the movie is meant to be a dark comedy as well as a drama. Patrick Bateman  played by Christian Bale will be watching porn while talking Evelyn whom he is engaged to on the phone. I mean how is that not funny?  Also the scene where Patrick is doing an ab workout while having his T.V. blasting The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, nothing get’s you pumped up to do abs like watching girls screaming from a man with a chainsaw right?

       The first thing everyone picks up on I think is the fact that Patrick is very Narcissistic and it’s very over the top, such as when he’s having sex with the prostitutes he’ll be flexing and checking himself out in the mirror. Which is absolutely hilarious in my opinion. The entire film is using satire towards how people act in their social circles and how each of them only care solely about themselves. When Patrick Bateman has his random out bursts such as when he’s at the dry cleaner and curses at the foreign women, The women doesn’t react violently or to swift towards his actions, She continues to speak her native language to him. My favorite part about this scene is when the girl walks in and asks Patrick what she’s doing and clearly wants to go on a date or talk to him, but all of a sudden Patrick is in a huge rush and blows her off several times by saying he already has plans and then lastly saying he’ll call her. To me this is reverse satire because typically it’s the man who takes the initiative to want to hangout, or make an approach on someone. In the film the girl does it and is rejected several times. How many times have you asked a girl what she is doing today and she’s got plans, and then you follow up with how about next week and she quickly responds with I can’t (insert excuse here). So that scene I find very funny as the roles are definitely switched.  Or the line where Jean asks Patrick what he’s into and he says “I’m into, uh, well, murders and executions mostly.” and the girl doesn’t respond in any particular manner. This shows us that no one is really listening to anything someone says, unless it involves them specifically. The other theory is that it’s all in Patrick’s head and we are just inside his mind and he’s not really saying it, but that’s what he would like to say. I like the first theory better though, because I think it goes well with modern society.  Or the line when he says’ “Did you know I’m utterly insane.” and he doesn’t respond while at dinner.

  Also the line when he’s watching the girl take a bath he says ” That’s a very fine chardonnay you’re not drinking. I want you to clean your vagina.” Then both of the girls do so. I think that scene does away with the 2nd theory that everything is in his head because the girls are in fact acting out on what he asked them to do. The other option that leads us to believe that everything is in Patrick’s head is the drawings he has in his notebook of all the girls being butchered etc. This gives us the option to believe that everything was in fact just his imagination. Or when he goes where Paul Allen used to live and the real estate agent is there and Everything is cleaned up and Paul’s body is gone etc. This again makes us believe that everything is in Patrick’s head, but wait… If you think about it If the real estate agent would have called the cops and told about the murder that would take months of investigation and also devalue the apartment causing her to lose money. So why wouldn’t she just have her crew clean it all up and not call the cops. Patrick is also a very powerful man so she would be dealing with an big time lawyer and would be taking down the “TOP of wall street” so to speak. That gives the real estate agent another reason to keep it all hush hush, and that’s why she tells Patrick to leave and never come back, he corresponds with her commands. 

What makes everything come together is the fact that know one really knows who anyone is… Early on in the movie one of Patrick’s friends notices him, when he’s putting Paul Allen’s body in the trunk of the taxi, he say’s that He is not Patrick but is Paul Allen which causes much confusion. When Patrick is having dinner with Paul Allen prior to killing him (obviously) he says that he is Marcus Halberstram and Paul goes with it, when he’s drunk he begins to talk shit about Patrick Bateman and then is later killed with an ax by Marcus who is Patrick Bateman. Also the scene when Patrick Bateman is being questioned by Kimball  about Paul’s murder Bateman asks if anyone saw Paul in London and Kimball responds with yes, but he mistook Herbert Ainsworth for Paul.  The identity crisis is a major one and happens constantly throughout the film. Even Marcus whom Paul said he was going out to dinner with in his diary whom was really Pattrick. When Kimball questioned Marcus, Marcus said he was with his friends including Patrick in Atlantis which was inaccurate because Patrick was killing Paul.   The idea is that they all dress the same and have no real identity from one another because they all live the same life style, dress the same and have similar jobs.  The other theory is that no one really cares who one another is because they are all so full of themselves. The most key character mix up is towards the end when Patrick asks his lawyer if he got his message and he says something along the lines of yes, it was hilarious Patrick killing Paul. Wait hold on the Lawyer is talking as if he’s not even talking to Patrick!  His lawyer mistaken’s him for Davis.  Patrick then confesses to him that he is Patrick after he bad mouthed him to his face, and says I am Patrick and everything I said was true. Carnes (the lawyer continuous to try and avoid the situation by walking away. Carnes then says it’s impossible that Patrick could have Killed Paul because he had lunch with him London, which gives us two theories that again we follow the misidentify theme which I think happens since Carnes doesn’t even recognize Patrick and mistaken’s him for Davis. If they do it once they’ll do it again. Or it leads to the 2nd theory that it’s all in Bateman’s head which I don’t think is the case. 

      It’s an awesome psychological movie and is quite comical at times. The acting is excellent and the narration is wicked! Not sure why so many feminists got their panties in a bunch about this one, as it is a must watch if you’re into psychological thrillers.

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