Legend of the Guardians The Owls of Ga’ Hoole Thoughts and review

“pure ones”
The movie refers to the “pure ones” as the dominate breed of the owls. They are stronger, smarter, and better.  The Queen and King used them to create elite soldiers to begin their take over. Any Owl which did  not fit into this category was used as a worker owl which was pretty much a slave. The other owls their enemies were known as “guardians.”their kidnappers Jat and Jut bring Soren and his brother Kludd to the Queen’s (Nyra) lair Canyonland which is the home of the “pure ones” Grimble betrays the pure ones by telling Soren and Gylfie that he is not loyally to the pure ones. He tells them about how his family was captured, and they would be killed if he didn’t do his job. when Nyra over hears them, Grimble fights Nyra so that Soren and Gylfie can buy time to escape. They  both end up escaping but Grimble dies. 

Brothers split (rivals) Kludd becomes a soldier and is raised (brainwashed by Nyra to fight against anyone who is not pure. This is the battle of good vs evil. The two brothers begin their ideals of good and evil early on when their competing for attention to their parents when they take part in competitions in who can fly and get their the fastest.  Kludd’s true self is shown from the beginning when he pushes Soren off the ledge, when Soren falls Kludd follows him out of guilt.  When Kludd is training with Nyra (the queen) He learns to rid all of his emotions and loyalty towards his brother. The indifference of “power” moves throughout the land. With the pursuit of superiority.

(NWO) reference, take over. 

The entire movie has a New world order drive to it. They have a select group of people wanting to liberate the entire world. Again this is the battle of good and evil, but it is very proficient in this film. Turning the other owls into slaves without pity or any emotions felt. True psychopaths.


Allomere commits treason he wants power and to be king of the trees so he leads Soren and his group into a trap. They are then physically and mentally paralyzed as well as gizzard by paralyzing “flecks” which are picked by slaves, but Soren realizes this and destroys the flecks power by flying into the fire and dumpling one of the lamps into the inferno. This realizes the guardians from the entrancement of the “flicks” Allomere is then killed by the king (Metal Beak) Allomere tries to reason with him, but the king doesn’t care. Evil truly shows no mercy. Metal Beak had gotten what he wanted with no sacrifice of power.

Before going to battle Ezylryb 
 Tells Soren that battle isn’t what it’s made out to be.. It isn’t pretty and the stories are more fabricated than anything. He shows Soren his face and shows him his face when Soren sees that he is convinced that “war” being good is nothing more than a myth to get the brainwashed to join.” 
brothers fight for the final battle
Soren  tries to convince him to not be apart of the “pure” ones
“Honor is another word for weakness” he’s completely brainwashed into the pure ones thinking.
He ultimately falls into the fire and burns alive.

Key quotes.
“The stories there real?”
Response: “you make them real saruan.”

The movie ends with Soren telling the story to a bunch of young owls, but You see his brother is still alive in in the last bits, but we don’t know if that’s a part of the story, dream or reality.

I enjoyed the movie definitely worth the watch 8/10 stars Not actually sure why the movie had so many haters.. Probably because they can’t accept that this is our reality.

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