Hangover part 3 review

      I went out and saw Hangover 3 with my buddy after some persuasion, I figured what the hell I got a gift card so I’m not spending anything and it might actually be a good movie contrary to my pessimistic views. After seeing it I give it an C+ at best. It was typical and very predictable. The movie displayed the same typical style of them getting captured and having to get out of this insane mundane deli-ma. in this case their looking for Chow whom is a chronic liar… Actually I take that back. The “Wolf-pack” as Allen and the gang are chronic liars as well. They lie, lie and lie…. Especially Allen I mean hell he lies to a 4 year old kid and tells him he’s his dad after having an “emotional” talk and telling him he’s adopted. It’s like Santa clause all over again… Anyways this man is looking for Chow and is Threatening to kill their friend so they follow his orders trying to kidnap/kill Chow. Chow catches on to their scheme of them trying to poison him at the bar, and later gives them a different ambitions in pursuit of the other half of the man’s missing money (21 million I believe) of course the crew believes him which is unbelievably stupid. They know he’s a crook and they know he’s a liar yet they’re going to trust him…. Okay then… So they do the dirty work break into the man’s home wreck it. Get the gold and get fucked over By chow. (NO SHIT?) To damn predictable… Anyways the boss comes back finds all of his “gold” is gone. And is furious… They go to prison but the “boss” buys them out… (Money reigns supreme) fictional and real life…  They later finally meet up with chow (Lots of boring nonsense in between… Then Capture him of course and their all HEROS… wow so freaking predictable! Allen then gets married at the end of the movie…. And says he’s splitting from the crew (but he isn’t really) and everything ends happily.

But wait a minute! Spoiler alert*** 

When the movie ends during the middle of the credits they all wake up back in Vegas and all sorts of chaos happens. Allen is sleeping with the fat women (Cassie) he met at the pawn shop. Stu has a boob job done and Phil just wakes up wearing some pink underwear. This leads us to believe that Allen never got married, but was only imagining it as he was absolutely fascinated by Cassie.

The movie is okay, but nothing special most of the characters are heartless with no moral and are fascinated with themselves. Especially Allen.  I definitely wouldn’t spend the 10 bucks for it, but it’s an okay movie. 

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