Brave Little Toaster To The Rescue

  It’s 2:15 AM and I’m watching Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue while sipping on the java. Netflix wasn’t working properly so I had to go to youtube to browse for movies and I figured since I reviewed the first Brave Little Toaster why not do the whole series? I’ll see what strange conclusions I can chop up from watching it.

     The first thing I pick up on is the Rob is very feminine, He is going to school to be an veterinarian, which there’s nothing wrong with that, but I think he’s like that because there isn’t a father figure present at all in any of the films. Also his old things are very feminine as well toaster (kitchen) vacuum (cleaning) blanket (just seems childish more girl like) radio (neutral)  Lamp (reading and I think reading and intelligence is typically more affiliated with women and less masculine).  When Rob is working on his final thesis we have our first encounter with Mack who is a complete douchebag  and you just hate him at first site. He’s very jealous and in his mind calls him a (moma’s boy) which is another lead and hint towards the whole feminine thing I stated earlier. Mack also wants his girl whom he dreams of being with. He’s a total nimrod and asshole.  Ironically when they meet Rob’s computer crashes and he losses his final thesis paper (boy would that suck). Not even saved…  Talk about instant depression.

    Kirby (the vacuum) calls out the monkey Sebastian as being a whiner when he talks about the people being so cruel at the place he was before he was taken in by Rob (the master) When Sebastian removes his bandages we See Kirby cry  which is very ironic as he is the one who shows little to know emotion.  Sebastian states that the Master doesn’t treat him any different than he would from him. This again presents feminine qualities as the master is  a “caregiver” which is “women like in most cases as the mother is always seen as the caregiver for the child and the father the protector.

   Rob get’s in a fight with Chris about using his vacuum to clean up the kitty litter and Chris get’s upset because he’s upset that she’s ruining his vacuum haha kind of funny and ironic. She then manipulates him emotionally by saying “Oh, so it’s okay for me to clean up the kitty litter, but not your vacuum!?” She then marches out and leaves, Rob did also forget their anniversary day, but hell cut the man some slack he has a shit assistant named Mack who wants to ruin his life and he lost his Senior thesis paper. Rob asks Mack then watch over his animals while he goes and works on his thesis that he has to redo. Mack is going to take his animals and sell them off as he is in money trouble (debt) and to get the money he’s going to sell off Rob’s animals. Talk about a total cluster fuck.

     When the animals discover that their being sold off. The cat Mazy(women) says “I don’t care about myself, but don’t hurt my babies.” I thought that line was pretty interesting since women seem to have degraded themselves in real modern time. and I think that line reflects our reality in some ways.

    The gang (Toaster,etc) Find Victor whom is the only one who has access to the masters thesis. He was trying to send signals up to alert the master that Mack was trying to sell off his animals, but sense he’s not compatible with computers it ended up making the PC crash. Now their trying to fix Victor in order to regain the thesis paper and help “Master” graduate by getting his 620 page thesis back.  They blame radio since he was horse playing around with the tube to fix Victor but instead it broke (because of Radio’s horse play) Radio then apologizes but is repeatedly blamed for messing up. When Victor officially “dies” they all blame radio again, and radio walks away where he then takes out his mechanisms’ (which makes him work) This resembles his suicide. We then see Toaster cry.  Which resembles being mortal, sense they possess human like qualities they to can die just like humans die. But the  mechanism that radio pulled out of his “body” is what makes Victory work. So in a sense he saves them all by giving his own life.

   They then go on a speed chase to catch Mack, and the guy he sold the animals too. They end up crashing due to the snake crawling on the driver and everything seems to turn out okay, the animals don’t have to go to the lab, the master is there, and the cops. and  they Catch Mack all in the act. Except Ratso finds that Mazy isn’t Okay, we then see one of the hardened characters of the movie actually has feelings as he pulls Mazy out from under the boxes, when she isn’t moving from the crash we see Ratso shed a tear.. But Mazy soon after shows life.
    The ending is interesting when Mazy’s kittens are beginning to open their eyes she asks Ratso to stand there so that he is the first thing they see. This is interesting because, the kittens don’t have a father figure and Ratso even though a rat may take place of that missing father figure. But when Rob decides to give all of his animals to new and better homes (since he’s graduating he can’t keep them all) Ratso is going with the master so he wont be with the cats whom again will have no father figure as they are being raised and grow up.
    Rob then proposes to Chris and talks about how prepared they are since they have a toaster,Vacuum,blanket, etc. but realizes that the radio is missing, BUT wait Chris comes to the rescue and got the radio a new ultra rare tube so that the radio can work again. Perhaps there can be no “new life.”  So Rob get’s the girl his things and of his senior thesis so he can graduate.

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