Brave Little Toaster Thoughts and breakdown

Since I loved this movie growing up, I decided to watch it again being now 22. Watching it for the first time in what it seems like forever I picked up on a lot more than I would have back then. Firstly I realized that The Toaster does not have a gender. The toaster is never addressed as a him or an her (though voiced by a women) you can’t really pick up on it. The toaster is going through identity issues, one when the Blanky asks to sleep with the toaster when their out at the woods the toaster rejects the blanket. I thought that was interesting. The 2nd time is when the flower sees the toaster and instantly falls in love (love at first site) and after the toaster doesn’t really pay any attention to the flower the flower kisses the toaster and the toaster freaks out and runs. The Flower is then emotionally destroyed and you can see that as he weeps from his rejection and disappointment the flower even sheds pedals, in a form of shedding tears. Another take on the flower scene. As the flower sees it’s reflection on the toaster, the toaster sees the reflection of his mortality/obsolescence on the flower? Organics are doomed/blessed to die, appliances are doomed to go on alone over the perpetual horizon, heedless of their masters’ passing? 3rd take on it is, The flower is a narcissus flower, and the scene is an allegory of Narcissus from Greek mythology, who fell in love with his own reflection and died because he was unable to leave it. It’s an incredibly deep and obscure allusion for a children’s film. The movie is full of these little details and symbolism. “Seeing the vulnerable little yellow flower wilt when she shoved it away has made her feel like never shoving vulnerable little yellow Blanky away again. To keep Blanky safe. To keep Blanky from “wilting”. In the case of the flower, there was no way to help. In the case of the blanket, there is.” Another thing is the “kid” doesn’t have a dad or he is not seen or heard throughout the film. which is ironic I think or he’s not at the house or anything the mom is present because you hear her voice but you never actually see her When the Kid’s mom buys a bunch of new appliances to replace all of his old things I think this is a representation on how we don’t appreciate older things (people)and typically take them for granted and replace them. Ironically it’s the kid that doesn’t want to replace his old things.

 We can place the personalities like so:
A/C: Anger Management disorder

 Kirby: OCD Blanky: Acute stress reaction
Radio: NLD
Lampy: Dimentia
Toaster: sexual identity disorder

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