Deftones Koi No Yokan 11-13-12

What’s up everyone? I’m just drinking a few corona’s listening to tempest and rosemary which have been released as promotion for their upcoming album titled Koi No Yokan which is a Japanese phrase meaning truly beautiful in case you were wondering. I think the two tracks are stellar and show much promise for this upcoming release. Both rosemary and tempest are damn near perfect and are a great kick start to what will be held within this album. I truly can’t wait to get a hold of this album. It’s definitely looking to be one of the best metal/rock albums of 2012. It may or may not be better than their album White pony. Which in my opinion is their best release of any of their previous albums. I think Deftones fans are in a real treat with this release. Chino is keen with his vocals and great instrumentation coming from this. November truly can’t come fast enough!

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