Defiler Octobortion lyrics

   Oh yeah!
demons keep asking me awakened i
thye wont let me go
to affraid to let them go
a shattered promise
i see terrible things
this is a life i just cna’t bare to live with
to remember
demons to this curse
ignore the tretious world aroud us
turn my life to nothing
it burns across through my face
because i remember
total carnage
just shadows
no one remebers i’m awake at now
to affraid to let them go
all my feeling
waiting for…
so i can pretend that im not alone
this choice…
there is a lie awake
and i lost my pride
so my mind is made
so my mind is made x8
Demons keep asking me..
awakened I
they wont let me go but im to afraid to let them go.
so my mind is made.

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